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Aye Solutions Partners with Intel to Enhance AI Models Using OpenVino

The partnership will explore synergies to broaden the reach of Aye Solutions’ proprietary AI technology and extend its current use case in retail to other industries.

Aye Solutions is excited to share our partnership with Intel to enhance our computer vision-based Self Service and Customer Satisfaction System. Leveraging Intel’s OpenVino, Aye Solutions has been able to optimize and quantize our computer vision models to run at higher performance levels across Intel’s scalable processors with low latency. The partnership enables efficient use of edge deployment hardware and scalability to achieve higher cost-efficiency that benefits Aye Solutions’ enterprise clients.

Aye Solutions uses computer vision and deep learning models integrated with symbolic reasoning and domain knowledge to create a customer satisfaction system made for the retail and hospitality industries. The system combines proprietary AI with native mobile apps, web apps, cloud systems and several microservices that enable businesses to better understand their customers and their operations. Aye Solutions is launching proofs of concept of the system at a high-traffic hotel at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 and a retail outlet of an international brand in KL city. 

Aye Solutions changes the way retailers understand and analyse customer sentiments. By analysing raw video streams using AI to automatically identify subtle and evident customer sentiments, we provide retailers with actionable insights that drive better business decisions while increasing retailers’ operational efficiency and improving return on investment. This will allow retailers to keep up with shifting customer behaviours and provide a better and personalised shopping experience. Customers do value a personalised shopping experience with 67% of Malaysian shoppers in a recent study indicating a preference for retailers who take the effort to build personalised shopping experiences for them. 

By enabling our AI engine on Intel’s OpenVINO, we make it easy for the majority of enterprise customers who are already using Intel-based platforms to deploy our solution and get the benefits of AI. Together with other partners, we aspire to a more productive future bringing key components of Industry 4.0 to life. Aye Solutions is committed to constantly seeking excellence in the field of artificial intelligence. We are excited about this partnership with Intel and look forward to future synergies.