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Aye Face

Your Solution to Selling More and Spending Less powered by AI

AI Order / Pay Assistant

From customers placing orders to payments, Aye Face automates this process, ensuring efficiency and exceptional customer engagement

AI Sales Agent

Intuitively recognizing customers’ needs and engaging based on their preferences—no hard sell. Boosting customer loyalty and upselling only what they truly like

Virtual Retail Manager

Elevate decisions with big data—your co-pilot for timely actions, tailored insights, and seamless integration of valuable data in marketing and growth plans


The Unseen Impacts

AI services that craft a seamless narrative for retailers seeking a transformative success

Aye Face's automation enhances cost and operational efficiency with seamless payments and intelligent customer engagement
Aye Face's personalization fosters loyalty, boosts product awareness, and seamlessly maximizes upsell opportunities
Aye Face's co-pilot enhances decision-making with timely data integration, paving the way for high ROI in growth strategies

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Seamless Customer Service

Dynamic Upselling Mastery

High-Quality Decision Making

One Gateway to Southeast Asia's  Payment Infrastructure

Users have the flexibility to link faces with DuitNow or preferred debit/credit cards

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