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Computer Science Internship

About the Role

Aye is seeking Computer Science/Engineering Interns to work alongside Aye’s other engineers and developers on the various layers of the infrastructure for Aye’s platform and application.


Key Qualifications:

  • Graduated or currently pursuing a major relating to Computer Science, IoT, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, Statistics.
  • Proficient in Java, Python, C/C++, CUDA, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, Docker, MongoDB, API, Node.js, or other GPGPU is a plus
  • Able to research, build a prototype, benchmark and implement new algorithms in production-level code
  • Well-developed written and verbal communication, able to articulate logically
  • Fluent oral and written English and Malay
  • Able to work under minimal supervision and guidance
  • Able to work under pressure or stress
  • Able to solve problems independently, good sense of teamwork
  • Creative, collaborative, & product-focused


Main Responsibilities:

  • Research existing papers on latest technologies and applications relating to AI orComputer Vision
  • Enhance existing open-source models and incorporate novel techniques or create new algorithms from scratch
  • Assist corporate team to present product value
  • Work with a team of developers based locally and overseas
  • Ensure business objectives and user requirements are met to increase user engagement and retention
  • Perform statistical analysis and document the impact of the machine learning model
  • Deliver results aligned with the core values of Aye, the highest standards of quality, scientific rigor, innovation, and respect for user privacy

To Apply

Drop an email to with a one-page cover letter and your CV, any suitable portfolio of work samples and/or writing samples.